Huzzah!  This is the dessert everyone is talking about.

We don't tolerate cake waste here at Sugar Blossom, so we decided to hord all scraps and turn them into little miracles, aka Cake Jars.


Sugar Blossom Cake Jars are available every day in shop, so you can walk on in and check them out for yourself, but if you wish to order online for pickup or delivery, we require 72 hours notice (or you can call in to see what flavors are available, and receive them sooner).


Choose your flavors in the dropdown menu

(Vanilla Buttercream = Vanilla BC & Chocolate Buttercream = Chocolate BC)


*** Bring back your clean cake jars for .50 cent credit good towards your next purchase.



Cake Jar

Cake Jar Flavors
  • Our baked goods are made with natural ingredients and are baked fresh every day. Each dessert is our own unique creation and outrageously delicious.

    We are not a nut free kitchen, and use shared equipment.

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